1991 Bomber, 1st season- 1974 Chevy Monte Carlo- 3 wins- 26th in track points (out of 60 drivers.) Stock street tires, stock 400cid engine, stock 350 trans, stock rear end. Bone stock except racing seat, belts, cage, and fuel cell. We built this car ourselves, I bought the car for $300 and drove it home (complete with rust holes in the floor and sides!)

1992 Bomber- 1977 Chevy Chevelle- 2 wins- 11th in track points (out of 60 drivers.) Same 400cid engine with Cam and fresh, stock Powerglide trans, stock rear axle w/ 342:1 gears, racing tires and rims. We also built this car ourselves, I bought the car off a used car lot for $400. The engine blew up with 3 nights left in the season, too many RPM's on a stock 400 with over 180K mile on it.

1993 Bomber- same 1977 Chevelle- 4 wins (including first night out in this picture, you can see from the grill I had to move a car or two)- 6th in points. New 406cid engine with better parts, 3 speed manual trans with Quarter Master clutches, Ford 9" rear end with 620:1 gears. McCreary race tires (first year with tire sponsor.)

1994 Moved up to Sportsman Division- New PROVEN stock sub chassis with Lumina body- 2 wins- 2nd in points (out of 45 drivers.) All new 418cid alcohol engine built by Call Motorsports, Bowtie block, heads, intake, all roller with strong lower end. Same 3 speed trans and clutch setup and a new full floater Ford 9" (several gears setup and run), and a 4 bar rear suspension.

1995 Sportsman- Lumina- 2 wins- did not participate in track points. Same car but with more improvements to the engine including Dart heads and new BG Alcohol carb.

1996 Sportsman- Lumina- 3 wins- did not participate in points. Same car and engine (freshened), new 2 speed manual trans. Major difference was the Outlaw Lumina body instead of the template body. This allowed us to widen the body 10 inches.

1997 Sportsman- New Monte Carlo Body- 5 wins- Awarded Most Improved Driver. Outstanding year as we ran 30 races and finished with 5 wins, 20 top 5's, 28 top 10's, and only 1 DNF.

1998 Sportsman- Monte Carlo Body- 8 wins- 27 top fives in 31 races- 2nd in points by just 5 points. Another outstanding year, but it would have been better with that championship. Highlight of the year was winning the Charlie Vereeke Memorial race (see picture).

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