1996- Yes, accidents do happen. With just 3 weeks to go in the 1996 season we had the worst crash in our six years of racing. I was running 4th and in the process of passing the 2nd and 3rd place cars on the outside when they got together and both headed for the wall. I basically was in the wrong place at the wrong time and buffered their blow to the wall. One hit me in the left rear wheel and the other in the left front wheel. This drilled the right side of the car into the wall and you can see the damage. The car that hit the front went airborne and landed across my engine compartment (the fiberglass hood was gone!) Luckily his car rested on the cage and straddled the engine, no damage to the engine. The frame horns were moved over 6 inches and badly twisted. We had to replace the frame horns and all the tubing under the hood! The front suspension had to be replaced as you can see part of the spindle still attached to the tie rod in front of the front wheel.