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If you ever followed us or if it is your first time here...you may wonder, "what happened to these guys? All the information is outdated and no new updates in years!" Well, here is a long winded update for you. Someday I may put up a bunch of new Quarter Midget pictures if I find the time! But, long story short, I quit driving in 2007 to help Austin have a career in Quarter Midgets. We raced QM's for the next 7 seasons and it was the best 7 years of my life! Starting out as a rookie, he eventually was running 3 to 4 classes and we were racing 30+ weekends a year all over the midwest! Wonder why there were not website updates? NO time to do them! Keeping 3 cars on the track every weekend and working full time just took all my time. During those 7 years of USAC Quarter Midget racing Austin learned a lot, grew a lot, we made some GREAT friends, and had a blast! He won a lot of races and finished 5th in National USAC Unrestricted Animal points twice. There is a Facebook page for Kendall Racing that Austin setup, but not a ton of info there either as he is pretty busy these days. Today, Austin is in college at BGSU in Ohio and getting on with life...getting an education and a career. Racing was fun and will always be part of our lives, but not his career. As for me...I still have my Sportsman car, but hope to have it sold soon! People ask me why not get back in the car? Well, after 23 years of racing in some fashion and 23 years of marriage, the wife wins! :o) Actually, 7 years of wrenching on 3 cars for 30 weekends a year just has me burned out. I would love to drive again, but I really do not feel like doing all he work anymore...23 years total of wrenching on racecars has me really not wanting to wrench on cars at all anymore. Time for a new phase in life! I now run 2 companies and that keeps me very busy. I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids and I play more golf than I have played in 20+ years! I enjoy watching the races on TV and local short tracks. I will be at the Quarter Midget tracks helping and watching also. I was the Rookie Director at our QM club for 5 years and it is fun to see how my students over the years continue to grow and win races.

As I said, I have a TON of Quarter Midget pictures and some great ones with great memories. Someday I will get them updated on the QM pages below...when I have time to do it! What is important is the memories I made with my son. Spending 30+ weekends a year towing to the QM tracks, racing with my son, working on the cars with my son...it was all SO valuable and memorable! I would not trade it for anything!

Thank you for visiting and reading my updates, looking at the history and info on this page. Feel free to send me an email if you wish! Love to hear from fans!

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Also remember the other greats we have lost in this modern era...
7- Alan Kulwicki, 28- Davey Allison, 11- Clifford Allison, 51- Neil Bonnett

My story about meeting Dale Earnhardt...

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